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Although the system is very user-friendly and I thought I knew how to use it, I took the class an additional time and learned that there were more effective ways to navigate and find information. The class is an essential tool in using the system effectively.

» Libby Sanzero

Before goin thru the LexisNexis training I was only aware of the basic searches (ssn, address) After the training I was very much more comfortable with navigating thru LexisNexis as well the different search tools. I believe what I learned will play a huge part in my skiptracing work improvement.

» Kimesha Scott

Ever collected on an account, and was not able to find any information? LexisNexis puts this question to rest. LexisNexis has an advantage over many skip tracing tools and services available because of the ease of use, and the ability to gather various amounts of information to assist in skip work.

» Tawana Joseph

Good Day Readers.. I definitely felt the need to share my experience. LexisNexis details shared undoubtedly helped me & my team enhance our knowledge around dealing with the challenges our industry faces today. The additional upskill sessions which is an added advantage. Thanks LexisNexis Team!

» Shakeel Mohamed

I found that LexisNexis training was very effective especially in terms of being succinct and easy to understand. I found the information to be exactly what I needed to understand how I can take advantage of the website with regard to how it relates to my job responsibilities.

» Debra Davidson

I had never used LexisNexis before and I needed to get training in a rush, for my new role, there where no training sessions available that would meet my timeline, however, the trainer was very accomodating and scheduled a training just for me.

» Malena Contreras

I now know on each report what all the many highlighted numbers stand for, where to look for all the information I need when there are multiple social security numbers on one of my borrowers and the many different dates as to when they were used and if it's still being used or not. After taking this last training session I am now am able to complete my work with more knowledge and a confidence that I can share with my co-workers.

» Brenda Ryan

I was not sure of what to expect when I took the training. It was very easy to understand. I am sure this program is going to help me locate and minimize the loss we have in the store. The training was step by step and easy to understand.

» Tawanna Terry

I'm brand new to LexisNexis and found the website and training to be very helpful, easy to navigate and quite useful to provide baseline understanding of the products and application.

» Dale R. Wilburne

LexisNexis and its Accurint tool in a valuable tool in our efforts to keep our alumni engaged with the university once they leave for their futures. Donna

» Donna Wong

LexisNexis Risk training provides informative, professional training opportunities that are vital in today's business climate. As the busy manager needs to move at warp speed and turn on a dime, LexisNexis gets it. They provide simple, quick, relevant training.

» Linda Braxton

LexisNexis training benefited me because it allowed me to learn a more effective way in locating our customers and provided me with tools of if cant get customers directly, who to look for in order to be able to reach customer

» Anona Armstead

Lyn Mccracken did an exceptional job of determining our needs in advance. She delivered a training session that quickly allowed our Fraud and AML Team to efficiently use critical features of AML Solution. Lyn followed up to ensure our needs were met and offered any additional training we desired. It's that excellent customer service that distinguishes vendors from business partners.

» Frank Serina

My expreience has been excellent, LexisNexis Accurint tool has helped me to acheive my goal of successfully outreaching a population that would have otherwise been unreachable. I recommend this program to anyone who needs to outreach a member that is chronically ill and in need of healthcare services who may not have correct contact information in their health record. many people do not change their info with their bank, insurance, or other importatant entities and this tool helps to reach those people. thanks

» Lcole Matthews

The Business Due Diligence Part 2 for the connection between businesses and owners. This topic is gaining momentum in the banking arena and may continue to be a focus by FinCEN as we move forward with the beneficial ownership potential requirement for banks at CIP. We are glad that LexisNexis is on top of their game and helping us to work toward the common goal. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the information is shared in an concise and to the point fashion. Also, the instructors are easy going and have fun with the learning so that the audience enjoys the event. Thank you for your expertise.

» Karen Bitler

The courses like Insurance Online Training and Certification assure that new users know how to use the system and are made aware of the privacy guidelines surrounding this database usage. I highly recommend the certification classes.

» Loretta smith

The easy to follow-along video and short time spans for each section is advantages to getting some training completed during a normal work shift. Generally could complete a section without worry of interruption.

» Darryl Madden

The LexisNexis Risk training was easy to use. It was well written and clear, and the walkthoughs provided were easy to understand. As a new Lexis Nexis user, the training has made it very easy to use in my new position.

» Cathy Quirino

The LexisNexis online training is excellent. It's convenient for anyone who leads a busy life and wants to learn at their own pace. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to learn how to use this product.

» Francois Carline

The trainer was highly skilled in the use of the program. The class covered a lot of information in a very pleasant but professional manner. Our instructor kept our interest throughout the training. I learned many new tricks to using LexisNexis and look forward to my next chance to use the program.

» Frank Rose

The training available on the website was exactly what I was looking for! More specifically, I like that I was guided through the materials with voice guide. It felt like I was in a training class with a real instructor. Thank you!

» Audrey Cunningham

The training has given me a better understanding of how to best use your service. It will be invaluable to us. Your service allows us to perform our jobs to the best of our ability and to reach customers we may not have otherwise been able to.

» Holly Jennings

The training program was covered at a steady pace, which allowed me to read and listen to the instructions as being spoken during the training. Clear steps to follow. And support was immediate when we called with questions.

» Robert Soltmann

The training was amazing, very informative and interactive. I was able to ask questions and get instant response from the host/presenter. The host/presenter was able to explain every detail in a way that it was easy to understand and practical.

» Anna Morel

This system is very useful in investigations necessary to reduce disease incidence in the community. This is a complex data base that is very useful in locating individuals who may not want to be found.

» Mark Wilson

This type or training is the future. this system is the future of online searching of people. There are so many facits to this program that i am still learning the ins and oust of the utilities. This is not rocket science but you need this tool to shoot for the Moon.

» Phillip Redig

What I like about LexisNexis is the fact that it is user friendly and simple to use. Everything is available by just a click of the mouse. The information obtained at LexisNexis is always up to date information, unlike other sites where the information is out dated.

» Ben Assar


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