LexisNexis® Firco Continuity Administrator Certification - Description

LexisNexis® Firco Continuity comprises many settings and configuration features to suit the needs of any financial institutions. This program is designed for Firco Continuity Administrators in charge of managing the application on a day-to-day basis. This program is available for Firco Continuity version 5 or version 6. After a presentation of the screening basics and components, administrator will benefit from a thorough overview of the main functionalities of the tool. Specific emphasis will be given to all menus and operations performed by administrators including workflows management, user and profiles or emergency procedures.

At the end of this course, administrators will know all functions of Firco Continuity. They will be able to transpose compliance policies within the application according to the risk appetite of their financial institution.

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Who should attend?

The person(s) in charge of administering Firco Continuity V5

How long does it take?

The program lasts for 4 hours (e-learning). You can retake modules several times.

Why attend?

This program ensures that administrators understand all relevant information related to their role in Firco Continuity. It empowers them with necessary knowledge and best practices to manage efficiently the application.

Topics covered

The course goes into depth on the following topics:

  • Filtering and key regulations
  • Firco Enterprise components and main filtering features (Filtered fields, Matching logic, Exceptions, Business rules…)
  • Live Messages module
  • History Messages module
  • Alert Review Window - detailed presentation
  • View Creation
  • Sorting Features
  • Administration Menus
  • Workflow Management
  • Profile and User creation
  • Emergency Procedures


This program includes a rigorous exam designed to verify the operational knowledge and expertise in administering LexisNexis real-time transaction screening solution, Firco Continuity.

Exam is made of multiple choice questions. Attendees need to pass with 80% to get certified. They have unlimited attempts to succeed. A certificate is delivered by email upon success.

By becoming certified, administrators can demonstrate that they control the information displayed in Firco Continuity and that they know all administration settings to configure the application based on compliance specifications.

Enrollment Options

Per Statement of Work or by Yearly Subscription (please contact your LexisNexis Risk Solutions account manager).

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