Export Controls and Trade Sanctions: How to make the most of Firco Trade Compliance Description

This course provides an overview on the data collection process during a trade life cycle including the compliance review process by using the Firco Trade Compliance tool. The course focuses on the practical tips to maximize effective and efficient trade sanctions compliance.

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Previously completing the course on Export Controls and Trade Sanctions: Regulatory Landscape

Who should attend?

Users of Firco Trade Compliance.

How long does it take to complete?

Self-paced, about 1 hour.

How are the attendees assessed?

Attendees must view the course and complete the quiz assessment. Users will receive a certificate upon completion of the satisfaction survey.

Why attend?

The training course will enable you to:

  • Understand the data collection process during a trade
  • Tackle the requirements from a practical perspective
  • Tie the compliance review process to the trade life cycle

Topics covered

  • Understanding real time screening of a trade
  • Configuring screening logics based on risk exposure (geography, customers, activities & goods)
  • Maximizing Data quality:
    • Assessment & improvements to your customer data
    • Standardization & enhancements of global watch list data
    • Understand the various descriptions of restricted goods for effective decision-making
  • Reviewing alerts: holistic reviews of the risks to enable well-informed decisions
  • Tracking vessels throughout the transaction lifecycle for ongoing controls

Enrollment Options

  • Via Statement of Work (please contact your LexisNexis Risk Solutions account manager)
  • By credit card. Click here to access our payment platform.

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