Export Controls and Trade Sanctions: Regulatory Landscape Description

This course provides an overview of export controls and trade sanctions, with key regulations and examples of enforcement actions from the US and EU.

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Who should attend?

Banks and Financial Institutions that offer trade finance products to their customers and already use Firco Trade Compliance to screen their trade transactions for sanctions, dual use goods and/or vessel tracking.

How long does it take to complete?

Self-paced, about 2 hours.

How are the attendees assessed?

Attendees must view the course and complete the quiz assessment. Users will receive a certificate upon completion of the satisfaction survey.

Why attend?

The training course will enable you to:

  • Understand the global regulatory requirements associated with Trade
  • Get an overview of UN, EU, US regulations

Topics covered

  • Intro: A brief history of trade sanctions and current challenges
  • UN sanctions and multilateralism:
    • UN trade sanctions on arms and beyond
    • Post-cold war focus on countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction: multilateral export control regimes
  • EU Trade sanctions landscape:
    • Institutional framework in the EU
    • Export controls (including DUG Regulation)
    • Current trade sanctions
    • Examples of trade sanctions enforcement: what to expect in case of infringements?
  • US Regulatory landscape:
    • Key Agencies & Regulations in the US
    • OFAC sanctions Regulations
    • Export Controls (including ITAR & EAR)
    • Enforcement: Focus on recent Hong Kong Sanctions
    • Examples of trade sanctions enforcement: what to expect in case of infringements

Enrollment Options

  • Via Statement of Work (please contact your LexisNexis Risk Solutions account manager)
  • By credit card. Click here to access our payment platform.

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